HFRe™ Marine Driller Management System

The HFRe™ Marine Drilling Riser Management System, Fast Make-Up and Automated Marine Riser Management System.

Dril-Quip has approached rig operational safety with a new marine drilling riser system. Traditional riser deployment is inherently hazardous because it requires manual effort at the rotary table for joint make-up. The Dril-Quip HFRe marine drilling riser connector design virtually eliminates the need for rig personnel at the rotary table. This improves rig safety during riser deployment and reduces HSE risk.

The HFRe riser connector is designed to deliver all of the required capacities in a preloaded connection without using bolts or rotating collars. This unique hands free feature ensures a positive connection while reducing joint make-up time. The HFRe connector high-bending strength and fatigue resistance results in long-life high-performance required for floating drilling and deep-water applications.

Dril-Quip HFRe Marine Drilling Riser Management

Automated Marine Riser Management.

System Features:

  • The Hands Free Riser System (HFRe) is a new generation marine drilling riser that focuses on safety, reliability, and feedback and ease of use
  • The automated make-up process requires minimal personnel intervention and provides a quick and reliable connection
  • Using field proven technology, the 4+ million pound rated connector utilizes a modular design for maintenance efficiency
  • Equipped with a 20,000 psi choke and kill system, the riser employs weight-reducing load sharing technology
  • This advanced drilling riser system also provides positive operational feedback including make-up/ break-out data, riser positioning/weight, and riser joint inventory management

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