HFRe™ Marine Driller Management System

The HFRe™ Marine Drilling Riser Management System, Fast Make-Up and Automated Marine Riser Management System.

Dril-Quip HFRe Marine Drilling Riser Management

Automated Marine Riser Management.

System Features:

  • The Hands Free Riser System (HFRe) is a new generation marine drilling riser that focuses on safety, reliability, and feedback and ease of use
  • The automated make-up process requires minimal personnel intervention and provides a quick and reliable connection
  • Using field proven technology, the 4+ million pound rated connector utilizes a modular design for maintenance efficiency
  • Equipped with a 20,000 psi choke and kill system, the riser employs weight-reducing load sharing technology
  • This advanced drilling riser system also provides positive operational feedback including make-up/ break-out data, riser positioning/weight, and riser joint inventory management

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