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Dril-Quip offers unique employment opportunities with its total-solutions corporate philosophy. From R&D to design, from forging raw materials to machining intricate equipment, from installation to post-sales service, Dril-Quip employees are there to cover all aspects of product manufacturing.

Whether your talents lean toward the office or offshore, there may be a position on Dril-Quip's staff for you. The Company has enjoyed several consecutive years of record-breaking sales and revenue, and our operations have consistently expanded globally. With the Company going through such growth, we are looking for top candidates in many Oil and Gas and General Business related fields.

With manufacturing facilities in the United States, Scotland, Brazil and Singapore—and numerous sales and service offices in various locations worldwide—our need for talented and experienced personnel is growing. Our salaries and benefits are competitive. Not only does Dril-Quip have an uncommonly low employee turnover rate, but the Company also boasts the fact that over 400 of its 1,700 employees have been working here for 10 years or more. In fact, four of Dril-Quip's five original employees from its founding in 1981 are still here, over 25 years later.

General Employment Opportunities Brochure
Machinist Employment Opportunities Brochure

Dril-Quip, Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
6401 Eldridge Pkwy
Houston, Texas, 77041 USA
Dril-Quip, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All job offers are contingent upon the candidate's successful completion of a physical, drug screen and comprehensive background check.

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Western Hemisphere: North and South America
Eastern Hemisphere: Britain, Europe, and Africa
Asia-Pacific: Asia, Middle East and Australia

NOTE: Applications for employment are forwarded to department managers. These managers are responsible for the hiring of employees for their own departments. Dril-Quip Human Resources will not have any information on a prospective employee's status until the manager selects his or her candidates, so please do not contact the HR Department for status updates. If you submit a resume electronically, it will not be necessary to submit a resume in person.


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