Multiplex Control System

Dril-Quip’s Multiplex Control System is a key component of the subsea control system that allows for control and monitoring of over fifty wells, and provides real-time access to tree functions, tree equipment status and sensors monitoring reservoir performance. The system’s innovative fiber optic-based communications array is the only one currently on the market that provides four independent channels.

Dril-Quip Subsea Control System

Innovative Communication

Dril-quip’s innovative fiber-optic-based communications system takes advantage of over 10 years of experience using fiber optics in subsea applications. It is the only system on the market that provides four independent channels.

Dril-quip’s Multiplex Control System uses single-mode fiber-optic technology that provides reliable communications over 100-plus miles of fiber-optic cable.

Surface Control System Equipment

  • Master Control Station – The MCS allows the operator to control and monitor the subsea completion and surface equipment.
  • Hydraulic Power Unit – The HPU is designed using computerized hydraulic analysis to meet each project specification.
  • Electrical Power Unit – The EPU provides conditioned and protected power for the control system, and is configurable for both single and three-phase power.
  • Topside Umbilical Termination Unit – This unit provides an electrical, hydraulic and optical interface to the umbilical and is fully configurable to meet all customer specifications and environmental requirements.
  • Software Support – The control system software runs on a Microsoft Windows® platform and employs Wonderware’s FactorySuite® InTouch® and InControl® for control and monitoring of the production equipment.
Dril-Quip Subsea Control System

Subsea Control System Equipment

  • Shallow and Deepwater Subsea Control Modules – These modules offer operators advanced multiplex electro-hydraulic systems designed to control and monitor the subsea completion system.
  • Subsea Electronics Module – The SEM is the intelligence hub of the Subsea Control Module and acquires data from subsea sensors and provides control of the completion system through valve activation.
  • Subsea Distribution Units – The SDUs employ field-proven components for electrical optic and hydraulic connections, and are designed to meet specific project requirements.

Installation and Workover Control System

  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Master Control Station
  • Umbilical – stored on a winch-controlled reel
  • Sheaves
  • Junction Plates