Dry Tree Production Systems

Dry tree systems are suitable for all reservoir geometries where a single drilling location can reach all well locations. The surface production tree is installed in the production bay of a floating production vessel which is sized for the number of wells positioned under the production platform. Dry tree production systems find their application on Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs) and SPARS. They employ a direct vertical flow path and vertical access for workover operations.

Dry Tree Production Systems services and components:

  • Tie-Back Connectors
  • Drilling Riser and Production Riser
  • Riser Tensioning Package
  • Surface Wellheads
  • Surface Production Tree
  • Accessory Equipment

Dril-Quip provides field proven components and/or complete Dry Tree Systems designed to fit specific project requirements. Dril-Quip is also capable of providing the operator and/or EPIC contractor with system level and riser design interfaces analysis at the subsea wellhead and the floating production platform. Dril-Quip also provides aftermarket services and life of field management support.

Subsea Tie-Back to Spar and Tension Leg Platform Systems

Subsea Tie-Back to Spar and Tension Leg Platform Systems

When dynamic forces impacting a subsea wellhead from a production vessel that is constantly in motion makes fatigue life of the well equipment an important issue, Dril-Quip offers its rugged and field-proven Spar and TLP Tie-Back System featuring the DX and DXE Wellhead Connectors.

Spar Production and Drilling Riser System

Production and Drilling Riser System

Spars and Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs) are floating production vessels that serve as host platforms for the production subsea wells. Dril-Quip offers the entire production riser string for Spar and TLP vessels.

Spar Production Riser Connector

Production Riser Connector

Dril-Quip offers the PR-80™ and FRC™ Production Riser Connectors that feature high-tensile, high-bending and high fatigue life characteristics while maintaining easy operational features.

Riser Tensioning System

Riser Tensioning System

Dril-Quip offers a riser tensioning system that provides constant tension to the drilling and/or production riser independent of the motion of the Floating Production Platform.

SU Series Unitized Wellhead Systems

SU Series Unitized Wellhead Systems

At the core of each Dril-Quip SU Series Unitized Wellhead System is a unique surface wellhead that incorporates metal-to-metal sealing technology throughout, providing benefits not available in typical surface wellhead systems. Options for adjustable casing hangers and inner tie-back strings are offered.


Surface Production Systems

Dril-Quip Solid Valve Block Production Tree options, as part of its Surface Production Tree Package, are offered in a wide range of sizes, pressure ratings and trims. Designs include Horizontal and Vertical production trees.


Accessory Equipment

Dril-Quip provides all of the necessary components to compliment key elements of the Dry Tree Production System. These elements inclu de handling spiders, installation tools, BOP Adapters, tensioner system controls and hydraulic power units and individual well work platforms.

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