Diversity in our global workplace broadens thinking and stimulates innovation.

We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive, engaged, and empowered workforce to enable us to manage our business with a focus on health and safety, the environment, ethical behavior, quality and being a good corporate citizen in all countries in which we operate.

With representation from 29 unique nationalities, we believe our global workplace is supportive of diversity and inclusion across its entire operations.


of our workforce is global, across the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions.

Employee Breakdown by Geography

Dril-Quip® is also dedicated to improving female and minority representation across the firm and in leadership positions. The Company is committed to recruiting and developing tomorrow’s leaders and providing opportunities for employee development, education, training throughout their careers.
Chart describing the nationalities of Dril-Quip


of our employees are female.


of our recent global hires have been female.


of our executives and senior management roles have been filled by women.

Photo of Pranitha Prabhakaran

Pranitha Prabhakaran
Analysis Engineer

I joined Dril-Quip® in September 2019. The most important factor [in my decision to join Dril-Quip®] was how well the company was doing in the industry and how much it has grown through the years. I have a great time collaborating with teams on different projects and learn something new every day. Dril-Quip® meets all my expectations in terms of helping me learn, understand and challenge me with new projects.

Employee Breakdown by Racial Ethnicity - US

Dril-Quip® continually improves to support diversity and an inclusive culture and will offer benefits that support the needs of our multigenerational workforce.
A chart detailing the ethnicity of Dril-Quip

Dril-Quip® recently launched a "Lunch 'N Learn" series to support a women's peer network with a focus on furthering career development opportunities. Our first event was hosted on March 25, 2021, in conjunction with Women's History Month. Amy Schwetz, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Flowserve Corporation and Board Director of Dril-Quip® gave an inspiring presentation about 'Taking Ownership of your Career'. More than 50 female employees attended and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

International Women's Day

Participating in International Women’s day has become a tradition at Dril-Quip®. It has become a day that we look forward to for recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the outstanding women in Dril-Quip® and around the world.

A photo of Gabriela Richardson

Gabriela Richardson
Design Engineer

I knew Dril-Quip® from my college years. I participated in the Dril-Quip® Camp back in 2013, which consisted of lectures about oil and gas equipment. That showed me that the company cares about giving back and having a positive impact in the community. During the interview process, I learned about the opportunities I would have to develop my engineering career and I was excited to be part of the team. I've been with Dril-Quip® for a little over a month now. Even though I joined it during the pandemic, the team has been very supportive in getting me trained and up to speed.

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

Dril-Quip® has a long-standing commitment to support equal opportunity for all. We provide all applicants and employees fair and equitable consideration and treatment in all matters related to employment, benefits, training, compensation, and other privileges and conditions of employment regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, ethnicity, disability, veteran status, or any other basis that is protected under applicable law.

The Dril-Quip® family extends beyond our employees. We believe that by taking care of all our members, we will strengthen our legacy going forward.

Training and Recruitment

The development, attraction and retention of employees is a critical success factor for Dril-Quip®. To support the advancement of our employees, we offer highly comprehensive training and development programs encouraging advancement from within. We leverage both formal and informal programs to identify, foster, and retain top talent at both the corporate and operating unit level.


Despite the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic, 95% of our employees attended at least one of our trainings in 2020.

Our continued focus on ethics and safety awareness and training are a further testament of the key values we embody here at Dril-Quip®.

Leadership Training/Management Succession Planning

Our global human capital strategy drives a consistent approach to human capital management and provides tools to facilitate employee development. Performance management and leadership succession are a key part of our people development process that helps identify and develop future leadership talent. Employees at strategic, transformational and operational leadership levels are assessed on competencies each year, and development plans are put in place. Annually, our Board of Directors provides oversight to the leadership succession process using our human capital analytics on workforce demographics, diversity and inclusion, hiring and attrition rates. These metrics are tracked, and progress is measured at cascading levels of the organization.


of our training programs are related to job competencies and ethics.


are focused on safety awareness and on-the-job safety.

Employee Engagement

To help determine whether we meet our goal of providing a rich experience for our employees, we measure organizational culture and engagement which help us build on the competencies that are important for our future success. We periodically engage independent third parties to conduct cultural and employee engagement surveys. These include corporate culture assessments, as well as real-time feedback on employee engagement and employees well-being focused on physical, emotional, social and financial health.

Flexible Workplace Policies to Support an Evolving Workforce

We recognize that our multigenerational employees, both women and men, have obligations outside work that may affect their abilities, at times, to be present, productive, and engaged. Where not covered by local regulations, we provide benefits that support these needs.

In Houston, for example, where state government regulations for family leave do not exist, we have implemented a Family Care Program that enables employees who have either finalized a qualified adoption or had a baby to be eligible to make an election for paid bonding leave or payout in lieu of paid time off for bonding leave. We believe our program will further support the diversity and inclusion values that Dril-Quip® espouses.

Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dril-Quip Employees stand in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the GDS building.

Dril-Quip® took steps to increase engagement with employees during the unprecedented situation posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and used several methods to measure and increase engagement through pulse surveys and employee-assistance programs.

In addition, we were able to coordinate with a local medical care provider to set up a COVID-19 vaccination site at our Houston facility. More than 200 Houston-area employees and family members participated.

Although COVID-19 has brought changes and new challenges to our work environment, we have gained valuable experience working with new technology platforms and learned more about the possibilities of remote working. As a result of this experience, we are now evaluating our working arrangements which may evolve in the future to include more flexible or remote options.