Dril-Quip® Is Strongly Committed to Supporting Our Communities.

Emergency Supplies Drive

When a severe arctic blast left millions of Texans without power and water, Dril-Quip® employees stepped up to help. Our teams rapidly organized an emergency supplies drive using our Gary D. Smith Learning Center as a rally point for employees to share food, water and plumbing supplies.

The generosity of our employees was not a one-time event. Whenever there have been natural disasters that have impacted the communities in which we operate, the Dril-Quip® 'family' has responded with kindness and generosity. It's a reflection of the values that we embrace as an organization.

Thanks to all the volunteers that spent hours of their personal time helping employees in need to make the event a great success!


employees benefitted from the Emergencies Supplies drive.

Employee Assistance Fund

Financial assistance was also provided by the Dril-Quip® Employee Assistance Fund (EAF), which is a tax-free grant created to support our employees. For every dollar generously donated by our employees, we contribute $2 to help the Dril-Quip® family. Employees are not required to pay back EAF support.


employees received financial help from the Employee Assistance Fund.

Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Education

Dril-Quip® is a sponsor of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' signature INSPIRE STEM Readiness program. INSPIRE uses highly interactive online and in-class content to give Kindergarten through 12th-grade students immersive, hands-on educational experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The program builds knowledge of engineering concepts and introduces young people to various STEM career paths, including those in the energy sector.

Dr. Jim Kaculi
VP of Engineering

We are pleased to partner with the ASME Foundation to support the INSPIRE STEM Program. Our goal is to ensure support for the next generation of engineers needed to power our world in the future.

A core priority of the INSPIRE program is to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion across the engineering profession by inspiring more girls, women, and students of color to pursue STEM-related education and careers. More than half of the nearly 400,000 students who have participated in the program to date attend schools classified as Title I, and 54 percent of INSPIRE participants identify as underserved minorities.

The support from Dril-Quip® engineers was overwhelming. The initiative was at full capacity. A total of 12 volunteers representing about 10% of our engineering department in Houston, signed up within minutes. ASME is coordinating our engagement with local schools, assisting with one-on-one coaching with volunteers, material preparations, and more. The virtual class engagement has received tremendous positive feedback from the schools and our engineers.

Supporting communities across the globe

As part of Dril-Quip®'s corporate social responsibility commitment, we have been actively supporting local communities across our international operations. In Ghana, for example, Dril-Quip® has been working closely with Tikobo Township to convert a house into a fully functioning clinic that will serve 500 people with improved healthcare, employ a local staff of 10, and provide 200 community members with education about personal hygiene and HIV/AIDs prevention.

The new clinic is located approximately 62 miles (100 kilometers) outside of Takoradi, Ghana, which is the base of operations for Dril-Quip®. Access to medical facilities is a huge challenge due to poor infrastructure and the lack of healthcare providers. Residents must travel 56 miles to reach the nearest hospital.