The MS-10® Mudline Suspension System is a field-proven system of hangers that support the weight of each casing string at the mudline. The MS-10 system is an economic alternative to the full-featured MS-15® Mudline Suspension System. It still offers the same high quality, ease of operation and versatility as the MS-15 System, but can be used where anticipated well pressure does not exceed 10,000 psi.

The MS-10 Mudline Suspension System features field-tested technology that incorporates the following:

  • Easy handling, trouble-free operation
  • Single-trip running and washout efficiency design setting of hangers
  • Large flow-by areas
  • Profile clean-out tool available
  • Positive backup of split-ring hangers
  • Hangers automatically centralized when landed
  • Metal-to-metal sealing on production tie-back tools
  • Temporary abandonment caps available
  • Tie-back tools available
  • High load capacity
  • Field-proven performance