Dril-Quip’s unique MS-15® Mudline Suspension System is a series of casing hangers that support the weight of each casing string at or near the mudline. Designed for use with bottom-supported drilling vessels and platforms, the system allows disconnect from and reconnect to the well at the mudline.

The MS-15 Mudline Suspension System features field-proven technology that incorporates the following:

  • Stack-down system for centralization and full wash-out efficiency
  • High pressure system rated for 15,000 psi working pressure
  • High load capacity at each hanger interface
  • Subsea completion possible with Mudline Conversion System
  • Critical service configurations available
  • Fully tested and field-proven performance

Easy Handling and Trouble-Free Operations

  • Large flow-by areas
  • Positive backup of split-ring hangers
  • Right-hand rotation for running tool release
  • Wash-out ports in running tool
  • All hangers automatically centralized when landed

Temporary Abandonment

The MS-15 Mudline Suspension System offers Temporary Abandonment (TA) Caps that protect each mudline hanger’s tie-back profile from debris during abandonment and while the well is in suspension. Temporary Abandonment Caps make up in the hanger running tool threaded profile and supply resilient seals between the TA Cap and the mudline hanger.

The MS-15 system also offers a simple, weight-set, rotation-lock stab-in TA Cap. When angular misalignment is a problem, this cap allows temporary abandonment of the mudline hanger. The cap’s threaded split lock ring engages the running threads in the mudline hanger.

  • Stab-in or threaded TA Caps available
  • TA Cap available with back pressure valve for pressure containment
  • Each TA Cap is flush with top of hanger
  • Run on jay-lugs

Reliable Tie-Back Capabilities

Dril-Quip's MS-15 Tie-Back Tools reconnect the mudline hanger to the surface for completion. For subsea completion, the tools tie the well back to a tubing head.

The Stab-In Tie-Back Tool offers a simple, weight-set design that provides an easy way to tie back to the well when platform misalignment is a problem. It includes a threaded split lock ring that engages the tie-back threads in the top of each mudline hanger.

  • A metal-to-metal seal and resilient seals contain internal pressure
  • Right-hand rotation enables make-up of tie-back tool
  • All hangers stack down, fully exposing tie-back preparations
  • Tie-back tools available in stab-in type design